What's yours is mine
— Thief series motto

Garrett is a master thief, living in a city known only as The City. He has a protegee named Erin, who sometimes accompanies him on his thieving jobs. They disagree, however, on whether killing is okay in their work.

During one job to rob Baron Northcrest's manor, they get into a heated argument and then the job goes wrong. Erin falls in the middle of a ritual to control a force known as the Primal, and Garret is caught up in the same energies. About a year later, he wakes up in a cart heading back into The City, with the Primal in one of his eyes. He starts doing a few jobs for Basso and a man known as Orion, who leads a faction known as the Graven against Baron Northcrest; these bring him into conflict with the Thief-Taker General, the leader of the Baron's forces.

While doing these jobs, he starts searching for answers to what happened to him and his protegee. This takes him throughout The City, eventually bringing him into conflict with Baron Northcrest. After infiltrating Northcrest's manor, he realizes that Orion and the Graven had been manipulating him into doing their dirty work. Orion, actually Adolfous Northcrest, wanted the power of the Primal for himself, and so had kidnapped Erin after the ritual.

Infiltrating the man's compound, he interrupts a ritual and tries to reason with Orion, but is interrupted by a raid led by the Thief-Taker General. After defeating the man, he continues on to free Erin from the Primal.

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