TC Magilou Menagerie Nidhogg L

Magilou's Menagerie: Velvet's companions, out for vengeance against the Shepard Artorious


Nidhogg: Draconic Leader of the First Brood out to avenge his sister

Magilou's MenagerieEdit

Of course I remember you. How could I forget people in such flashy outfits?

My name is Velvet Crowe. And I will devour daemon, malak, and exorcist alike. I am a monster. I am a THERION!
— Velvet

Time to repay my debt!
— Rokurou

Eat my arm. I don't care. Just... leave me the other one. I need it to clobber the jerk who made my Velvet cry!
— Laphicet

If it means having my tunnels, I'll build an island too!
— Eizen

Let the biting bugs go ahead and eat what they wanna eat! Let the weeds grow where they wanna grow! Some may look down at them and scoff at their foolishness, but their unwavering wills are proof they're alive! If that's what you call "evil", then I will live and die with evil as my mantra!
— Magilou

I won’t turn a blind eye to the consequences of my actions. I chose this path to seek the truth, not to deny it.
— Eleanor


I am of the first brood! I am vengeance incarnate! I am Nidhogg! Thou wilt die at my hand!
— Nidhogg

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