Magilous Menagerie v Toa Nuva

Magilou's Menagerie: Velvet's companions, out for vengeance against the Shepard Artorius


Toa Nuva: The group responsible for protecting Mata Nui

Role Menagerie Toa
Leader Velvet Tahu
Second Eleanor Kopaka
Comic Relief Magilou Lewa
Peacemaker Phi Gali
Brawler Pohatu Eizen
Friendly One Rokuro Onua

Magilou's MenagerieEdit

Hey! I remember you! How could I forget someone who dressed as weird as you guys?

Magilou's Menagerie is, officially, a traveling entertainment troupe. In reality, it's simply a false name used by Velvet and her companions to dodge the Abbey's inspections and travel restrictions. A motley and fractious crew of Deamons, Malaks, and humans out to overthrow the Abbey and kill its leaders, the team is ruthless and pragmatic; despite their differing motivations, they come to trust each other completely. When not hanging out on their personal, bitchin' pirate ship, they travel the land, fighting daemons, malaks, and the Abbey alike.

My name is Velvet Crowe. And I will devour daemon, malak, and exorcist alike. I am a monster. I am a THERION!
— Velvet
Velvet Artwork

Velvet Crowe

Velvet starts the game as a 16-year-old living in rustic Aball with her younger brother, Laphicet, and her widower brother-in-law, Arthur. During the Scarlet Night, Arthur - retaking the name Artorius - sacrifices Laphicet to reawaken Innominat, his god, and end the demon epidemic by suppressing humanity's free will. He turn Velvet into a Therion, and then throws her into a secure, isolated cell in a high-security prison for three years, where she is forced to consume demons for her survival. Her dead sister, now a Malak - basically an angel - busts her out of prison, and sustains a mortal wound defending her. At her request, Velvet consumes her, and obtains her signature powerup for her Therion Arm.

After escaping, she cuts a swath through the Abbey - Artorius' forces and the leading religion in the world - whie gaining allies. She burns a port, aids fugitives, falls in with pirates, destroys a fortress, imitates doves, assassinates a priest, constantly commits public indecency, and more. After finding out that her Innominat has fused with the body and soul of her dead brother, she has a breakdown. After moving past this, she then systematically kills and eats the souls of Artorius' four most powerful underlings and shoves them into a volcano. Doing so awakens the four Elemental Empyreans, beings who oppose Innominat's power and bring massive change to the world with them.

Velvet and her companions then fight through Innomniat's body, reaching and defeating Artorius himself. Velvet kills Artorius herself, and then uses her Therion powers to trap Innominat in an eternal cycle of vore devouring and being devoured. She seals herself and her brother-turned-god away, dreaming of a happy life where no one died.

Abilities, Powers, and Weapons

Expert Melee Combatant: Velvet was trained in combat by Artorias himself, one of the top combatants in the world even without the use of his dominant hand. She adapted his teachings into an extremely unorthodox style, mixing bladework, her Therion arm, and martial arts into one whirling pile of death.

Arm Blade: Velvet's main weapon is her arm blade. It's a collapsible blade that fits into an armguard; the total length of the blade is about double the length of her forearm.

Boot Knife: Velvet also keeps a short knife in her boot, as she mixes in various kicks into her combat style.

Therion Arm: Velvet's left arm is the manifestation of her abilities as a Therion blended . Using it, she can devour part of a combative foe or the entirety of a downed one. It can transform between a bandaged human-like hand and a twisted, spikey claw.

Mystic Artes: Velvet, like the rest of the group, has several "mystic artes" that she can use to capstone her combos. Lethal Pain hits one enemy, Annihilating Crash hits all enemies in a line in front of her, and Impulse Desire hits all enemies in an area. She shares a Dual Mystic Arte with Laphicet, Innumerable Wounds, which strikes one enemy. See "Mystic Artes" tab for more detail.

I won’t turn a blind eye to the consequences of my actions. I chose this path to seek the truth, not to deny it.
— Eleanor

I'm a demon. Even if you were the worst of the worst I'd be like, "Cool".
— Rokurou

Eat my arm. I don't care. Just... leave me the other one. I need it to clobber the jerk who made my Velvet cry!
— Laphicet

If I had good judgement, I wouldn't be where I am in the first place.
— Eizen

Let the biting bugs go ahead and eat what they wanna eat! Let the weeds grow where they wanna grow! Some may look down at them and scoff at their foolishness, but their unwavering wills are proof they're alive! If that's what you call "evil", then I will live and die with evil as my mantra!
— Magilou

Toa NuvaEdit

Toa Nuva

Of course, I'd like to see Tahu trying to get along in Ko-Wahi. He'd probably melt a hole in a glacier and spend so much energy yelling at the ice that he couldn't climb out.
— Kopaka

He's a loner, but one who's smart enough to know he can't succeed alone. It makes him angry, but he tries to keep it all frozen inside.
— Gali

Kopaka Nuva

The Toa of Ice and Tahu's second-in-command, Kopaka is not fond of company. The first to arrive on Mata Nui, the firwst to get his masks, and the first to master his elemental powers, Kopaka is one of the main combat powerhouses of the group. In contrast to his fellow Toa, he is far more logical and taciturn.

He often operates on his own, using tactics, strategy, and sheer skill to eliminate foes that his fellow Toa have trouble beating in groups. While he initially disdains the company of others - especially Tahu, whom he often clashes with - he comes to appreciate his teammates, even to the point of being protective.

Abilities, Powers, and Weapons

Ice Blades: Kopaka has a double-sided sword. It can be wielded in three different ways: his usual double-sided sword, two separate swords, or a pair of ice skates. They are also able to channel his ice powers.

Ice Shield: A shield that can channel Kopaka's ice powers. Can be used as a snowboard, sled, or raft, depending on one's size and location.

Ice Manipulation: Kopaka is able to manipulate and create ice, as well as absorb it. Kopaka's control of ice is such that he canset traps, delaying his power's activation by a set amount of time.

Akaku Nuva: The Kanohi Nuva of X-Ray Vision, the Akaku Nuva allows the user to see through objects and illusions. Kopaka's Akaku Nuva is fitted with a telecopic lens over the right eye, which enhances his vision and compliments its power. The mask's power - but not the lens - can be shared to others in a small radius nearby.

Combat Expert: Kopaka is by far the most skilled combatant out of all the Toa, able to hold his own against and take down enemies his teammates have trouble beating. This is best shown in the Rahkshi arc, where the six Rahkshi were individually capable of bringing down two or more Toa each, whittling down the combat-capable members to Kopaka alone. Kopaka himself was able to fight all six Rahkshi at once to a draw, even managing to beat two of them before backup arrived.

When in doubt, smash everything and hope you're somewhere else when it all goes boom.
— Tahu, on "pulling a Pohatu"

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