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Mimori Togo starts the series as the paraplegic and partial amnesiac best friend of the protagonist, Yuna Yuki. She joins the Hero Club alongside said best friend/crush, and takes care of the technical side of the club. After the Hero Club members are chosen as Heroes by the local deity, Shinju, Togo gains several powers, with three fairies as opposed to the other Hero Club members' one.

During the gap in her memories, she served as a Hero under the name Washio Sumi, losing both her memories and the use of her legs due to the side-effects of being a hero. Despite losing her memory, she still shows signs of PTSD initially. She gets through this quickly, however, due both to the fact that she no longer has those memories and her determination to protect Yuna. Afterwards, she also shows signs of remembering bits of her prior combat and strategies.

Her transformation does not cure her paralysis, but it does give her a set of ribbons that move as she wills them to, acting like a set of four legs to jump with as well as anchors to aid her sniping. She displays a high degree of ruthlessness and precision when fighting the Vertex, frequently holding off multiple enemies with her guns.

As the series goes on, she finds out the true nature of the Heroes; she and her friends are sacrifices to Shinju, losing body functions each time they use their super mode, Mankai. This loss, known as the Sange, is also the cause of Togo's missing memories and the reason she is paraplegic. She attempts suidice several times, but is always stopped by her fairies. After finding out that the world beyond her island is a literal hellscape of lava, she decides to help the Vertex destroy Shinju to put humanity out of its misery and to prevent her friends from suffering any more.

Midway through her plan, Yuna talks her out of it and she returns to humanity's side, though her actions impressed Shinju and stopped the Hero system from being destructive to the Heroes. She eventually got back her memories and her legs, and continued living.



Aobozu is an egg-shaped Fairy, which grants Togo access to the sniper rifle the uses as her main weapon. It has a very high level of accuracy and immense destructive power, able to annihilate massive, rapidly-moving objects.


Gyobudanuki is a racoon-shaped Fairy, which gives Togo access to a pistol(?) for mid-range combat. This pistol is powerful, and can annihilate weaker enemies. Togo rarely uses this pistol in combat, only switching to it when Aobozu or Shiranui would be impractical.


Shiranui is a flame-shaped Fairy, which gives Togo access to the twin pistols she uses for close-range combat. She wields these pistols in a reverse grip, and is able to sustain a rapid rate of accurate fire. The pistols are powerful enough to move large objects.


Kawabotaru is an orb shaped fairy that gives Togo access to a set of several small drones that can eitherbe directed by her or operate semi-autonomously. If she does not control them, they tend to hover around her and provide a defense against projectiles or enemies. Each drone has a single gun. That, of course, shoots lasers.


When Togo's Mankai gauge is filled, she is able to enter her Mankai form. This puts her in the pilots seat of a large, four-legged mech. Said mech has eight articulated laser canons, which can move and fire as directed by Togo's will. It also has a far more powerful laser canon mounted on the front. As it is controled directly by Togo's will, it's capable of flight and much more rapid movement than its size suggests.